We organize the Seforim in a neat and orderly way that makes it as easy as possible for people to find Seforim and put them back in its proper place.
The way we do it is, we go through all the Seforim in the Shul and categorize them into different sections such as Tanach, Shas, Mishnayos, Halacha, Shailos U’Teshuvos, Mussar, Mo’adim, Pirkei Avos, Tefillah, Reference, and Miscellaneous. (Please keep in mind that the Seforim are not necessarily restricted to these categories.)
We then place them back onto the shelves in any of the following 3 orders. Either we do it alphabetically, meaning within each category the Seforim go from top shelf to bottom shelf in the order of the Alef Beis. Or we can do it topically, meaning on each shelf we will keep different types of Seforim sets that generally go together. Thirdly, we can do it practically, meaning the most relevant Seforim will go on a shelf that is eye-level and the lesser used Seforim can go either on the lower or on the uppermost shelves. (We are not restricted to these ideas. We can also mix and match depending on the category.)

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Next, we give each shelf a number, either with a mounted gold plaque or with a white label depending on the preferences of each specific job. We then label every Sefer on that Shelf with a corresponding number printed. This makes it extremely easy to find Seforim based on the simple order of the numbers.
In regards to the difference between Shuls and many Yeshivos a Color-Coding system is sometimes more effective than simple numbers depending on the specific Shul/Yeshiva. This system, where each category receives its own color also makes it very easy to locate Seforim and put them back effortlessly.
Many times it is worth it to have the best of both worlds and use a “Color-Coded Label.” That is usually the best option and you receive the benefits and advantages of both choices.
In any case the last step to the Labeling process is to cover the labels with clear, acrylic, non-yellowing tape to ensure that the labels will hold for years to come.

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After all this tiring labor and heavy work is put in, it wouldn’t make sense to just leave it the way it is. We must ensure that it will not fall back into disarray within a short while. Therefore, if there is no Gabbai Seforim or appointed person who cleans up the Seforim regularly, we are glad to offer a scheduled maintenance service, for a small fee. It can be done weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, or yearly, or however you so desire. For a certain rate (which we can always discuss) depending on the size of the Shul, we will draw up a scheduled maintenance plan and we will have someone come on a regular basis to upkeep the structure of the Seforim setup which we created.

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There is an excellent way to know how to locate a Sefer easily, and that is to create an index of the Seforim in an alphabetized list. That way if you are looking for a specific Sefer, you just look it up under the first letter of its name in the Alef Beis, and presto! The shelf number that it is on will be listed in the next column on the same line, and now you know where to find the Sefer that you were just searching for everywhere!

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In addition to our setup of your Oitzer, we have connections to any service that you might need for your Seforim.  Please keep in mind that all of our services are available to anybody and everybody, and not specifically to those affiliated with the Libraries which we have set up.


Bookbinding is the only way to make sure a Sefer lasts for years. If you have Seforim that need to be bound we will take care of it without you having to worry. Just let us know which Seforim you want to be bound and it will be back in your library before you know it!
(If you are nervous about having your Seforim being taken out of the Shul we can arrange for the binder to come down to you and bind the Seforim on premises.)

If you have a Sefer that is either sentimental or really old and antique, it can be very worthwhile to preserve its uniqueness in a beautiful new antique leather cover. Since Leather Binding for more than one Sefer can become pretty costly, faux leather covers are available for a less expensive option. For those that are on the more economical side, there is an option of a brand-new cover (non-leather) in the color of your choice. This type of bookbinding is called Cloth-Binding and it is done by basically reconstructing the actual binding from scratch. The Sefer and its cover are torn apart, and a new cover is created, being either Leather, Faux Leather, or “Cloth”. The Sefer and its brand-new cover are then joined together with the unique art of binding just as if it was being bound for the very first time.

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We also have contacts in Furniture Companies that can build a variety of all qualities and quantities of bookcases many different price ranges. We have quite a few options in this field besides for standard or custom bookcasing. We can also work with the Furniture companies to create other “Shul Furniture” such as: Aron Kodesh, Bimah, Amud, etc.
Residential calls are welcome to partake in our furniture services as well.

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We can contact a Shaimos Removal company that is available all year round and arrange everything for you. We do small residential Shaimos Pickups as well as for Shuls and Yeshivos. The Shaimos Removal company which we are associated with, has Hechsherim from 2 very prominent Rabbanim that are extremely dependable and reliable. The Hashgacha/Haskama is available upon request.

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Another service we offer is if you want to purchase a Sefer, no matter the quantity,  we will get you whichever Seforim you want for the cheapest possible price. That’s a GUARANTEE! We have accounts by all the major Seforim wholesalers including Artscroll, Z. Berman Books, Hameor Distributors, etc. and we receive highly discounted prices. This is especially useful for those looking to create or even to expand their Personal or Community’s Oitzer Haseforim, We have also compiled a checklist of basic Seforim that every Shul, Yeshiva, or other type of Seforim library should have. You just check it off and we’ll get you the best price.

We can arrange for you to have your new library (be it a Shul, Yeshiva, or private home) to be set up from start to finish without you even getting involved. We will cover everything from Alef to Tav, beginning with the Bookcasing and Seforim Purchasing, continuing with the Organizing, Labeling, and Cataloging, and if things get rough, we will be there with our Bookbinding, and Shaimos Removal. So contact us today to ensure that your Oitzar Haseforim will look brand new for years to come!

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