Glossary of Hebrew Terms

Alef- First Lettter of the Hebrew Alphabet
Alef-Beis- Hebrew Alphabet
Amud- Podium
Aron Kodesh- Holy Ark
Bein Hazmanim- Break between Yeshiva “Semesters”
Bimah- Lectern
Bittul Torah- Wasted Time of Torah Study
B”H- abbrev. for Boruch Hashem
Bochur- Unmarried Teenage Boy
Boruch Hashem- Blessed is G-d
Davened- Prayed
Gabbai- Minor Official of a Shul with Limited Administrative Functions
Hashem- G-d
Hashgacha- Rabbinical Approval
Haskama- Certificate of Rabbinical Approval
Nachas- Source of Pride
Oitzer/Oitzar- Library
Oitzer Haseforim- Hebrew Book Library
Rabbanim- Plural of Rabbi
Sefer- Hebrew Book
Seforim- Hebrew Books
Shaimos- Unusable Judaic Items to be Buried Honorably
Shul- Synagogue
Tav- Last Letter of the Hebrew Alphabet
Yeshiva- Jewish Boys School
Yeshivos- Plural of Yeshiva
Zman- Yeshiva Semester (literally: time)