Established in April of 2011, The Seforim Organizers began as a small one-man operation headed by an ambitious young individual named Eli Hofstatter from Brooklyn, NY.

Eli davens regularly in a very large established Shul in Flatbush with a decent sized Library. As the years passed, the Shul’s Oitzer slowly but surely became unorganized due to the constant purchasing of new Seforim and the lack of a proper system to be able to return the Seforim that were used, to the correct shelf. As the situation worsened, the Rabbi tried to highlight the importance of putting away Seforim in their proper place, but besides for the fact that the Library system was obsolete, too many Seforim were taken out daily for this relatively minor effort to have much of an effect.

Finally, they had enough. The President of the Shul approached Eli who was a Yeshiva Bochur with some free time during Bein Hazmanim and offered him the opportunity to set up a system for the Shul Library. Eli agreed to take on the job as a favor for the Shul and just a few short weeks later, the job was completed and everyone was very satisfied B”H.

Once Eli finished the job, he didn’t stop there. He saw this as raw potential for a business and realized that it is a very much-needed service, and decided to pursue it. After talking to many people and getting ideas, Eli began advertising his newfound expertise and before you knew it, he was organizing Shuls all over the neighborhood.

And that is how “The Seforim Organizers” was created!